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Come and enjoy our traditional Japanese Ennichi!

August 16, 2017



Join us at Waikiki Yokocho for several fun activities for the whole family!
Bring your friends and loved ones to enjoy our traditional Japanese games such as scooping wooden goldfish, tiny YO-YO fishing and rentals of casual kimono, also known as ”Yukata” for children.

Waikiki Yokocho is the new entertainment and dining destination in Hawaii.
Don’t miss it!

AOZORAKOTEN will only be available for a limited time-
August 16th through September 15th from 11am-10pm
*Fees vary for games and Yukata rentals.

Time: 12PM – 6PM
Rental: $25/ 30mins include one photo (small instant camera)
Purchase: $80
Size: 39.4inch – 51.2inch
Rule: Rental Yukata is only available in Yokocho area and AOZORAKOTEN space.
There will be $80 cleaning fee for stained yukatas. Yukata sets are available for purchase for external use.

☆Product Sale:
Omen (Mask) $9
Eraser $8
Ramune (Soda) $3
Products of cleaners(Accessories etc…)$10-$45

☆ENNICHI game:
Scooping wooden goldfish game: $3 per person (participant can select up to three items from the total catches)
Tiny Yo-Yo fishing: $3 per person (participant can select up to one item from total catches)

AOZORAKOTEN is a handmade art market throughout Japan which brings together artists and consumers. The selected artists provide inspirational pieces that bring a touch of excitement to each art piece.
AOZORAKOTEN host events every weekend in Japan, which provide a unique experience to each visitor.

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