9/15(sat)&9/16(sun), Yamagata Fair is coming up!

September 12, 2018


On this weekend 9/15(sat) and 9/16(sun), limited event of Yamagata Fair will opens at Waikiki Yokocho! Come to enjoy a traditional food, drink, gift, and event represents north side of Japan.

During an event,

Exhibition of Traditional craft and product from Yamagata at Waikiki Yokocho.

Nomu and Izakaya Kai will serve premium sake from Yamagata.
Grain rice tea made from premium rice bland “Tsuyahime”, and Yamagata fruit Juice is available at vender. Popular traditional toy “Kendama” is also on sale too!

Izakaya Kai will having a limited menu for Yamagata fair, such as “Imoni” “Yamagata Konnyaku balls” and “Yamagata Beef”.

Some restaurants in Waikiki Yokocho will serve a menu using a Premium Bland Rice, “Tsuyahime”. *Numbers are limited.

More than that, Special event will coming up at 9/16(sun) 11:15am to 12:15pm!
Actor, Eichiro Funakoshi and Yamagata Governor Mieko Yoshimura’s special talk event will start!

During an event, they will provide free Musubi made by premium Yamagata rice, “Tsuyahime”!

Yamagata lottery is coming up too! Lucky winner will have Yamagata gift such as premium rice “Tsuyahime”

Lottery tickets will provided to first 150 persons at 11:00am.

Hanagasa Dance show is coming up at Noon event too.

From 9/16(sun)6:30pm, special sake seminar will open free for everyone. After the Seminar, Nomu and Izakaya Kai will serves sake with special price for the seminar attenders.

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