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Irashaimase! Welcome!

Welcome to Waikiki Yokocho! My vision was simple: I love Japan and its yokochos. I was inspired to create a beautiful dining experience unique to Hawaii to share my love of Japanese food and culture.

Waikiki Yokocho Frank
Frank Clark
CEO of Waikiki Yokocho

Walking through a yokocho in Japan, you’ll find a maze of narrow alleys lined with restaurants vying to pull you inside with their energetic sights and aromatic smells. With so many choices one can’t help but want to “hashigo,” or “hop,” from one restaurant to another. Traditionally populated by men, a new yokocho renaissance in Japan has brought increasing amounts of younger people and women to yokochos for affordable delicious food, authentic atmosphere, and friendly conversation.

With Waikiki Yokocho, we wanted to expand this renaissance by bringing yokochos to Hawaii, and the United States, for the first time. We selected restaurants with extraordinary food and large followings in Japan, many of which are here in Hawaii for the first time. With so much authentic and innovative food to explore, we hope you “hashigo” till your heart—and your belly’s— content!

Noren Street

For a savory selection of “Yokocho” food from authentic sushi to tempura, okonomiyaki (Japanese style pancake) to yakiniku (beef grill) you will find it all on Noren Street.  Each restaurant will hang their unique “Noren” which are traditional Japanese fabric dividers showcasing their brand which you will need to walk through to visit inside.

Engawa Terrace

An open terrace space which you can look up to the rooftop of Waikiki Shopping Plaza.  This space connects Waikiki Yokocho to the rest of Waikiki’s shops and restaurants.  “Engawa” traditionally refers to the side of the house facing the outside serving as a passageway and sitting place.  You can find this area with welcoming cafes and bars to start off or end your experience at Waikiki Yokocho.

Ramen Road

From the perfect springy noodles to the hot savory broths these ramen bowls will take you back to Japan with every sip you take.  We’ve recreated a nostalgic feeling of Japan’s Edo period mixed with modern where you can taste authentic ramen from Japan.  Four ramen options will be here to serve you.

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