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Lunch Specials and Happy Hour☆

October 5, 2018



Come and stop by at our popular restaurants to find some exciting daily lunch and happy hour specials under $10!!

☆Lunch Specials☆

SEVENDAYS▷ Brunch Special $8.40 (8am – 4pm):Homemade Mayo Egg Salad Sandwich or Homemade Mayo Ham, Lettuce Sandowich + Coffee or Tea


Nin Nin▷Curry Udon & Egg Bowl $9.50 (11am – 2pm)


Tonkotsu Kazan ramen▷Spicy Dry Noodle $9.80 (11am – 4pm)


Umami Teppan Kingyo▷Beef Stamina Don $9.95 (11am – 4pm)


Izakaya Kai▷Weekly Lunch Menu $9.95 (11am – 2pm) *Menu will change weekly


Kushikatsu Tanaka▷Beef Udon & Kushikatsu (Beef, Shrimp, Lotus Root) Set $9.95 (11am – 3pm)


Shichimusubi▷Musubi Set:Choice of 2 Musubi, Pork Miso Soup, Ice Tea $9.95 (11am – 2pm)


Ramen Bario▷Half size of Regular Ramen $9.95 (11am – 4pm)


Baikohken▷Special Topping Set:Chashu (2slices), Ajitama (Soft boiled flavored egg, Butter Corn, Menma (flavored bamboo shoot), Seaweed $9.95 * Ramen doesn’t include in this price.(11am – 4pm)


Sizzle▷Lunch Special:Ginger Chcken, Sukiyaki Bowl, Yakiniku Bowl  All $9.95(11am – 6pm)

sizzleGinger Chcken Bowl



☆Happy Hour☆

nana’s green tea▷Happy Soft Serve Ice Cream ALL 10% OFF  (4pm – 6pm)

Kushikatsu Tanaka▷All kinds of Beer , Shochu, Highboll, Glass wine and Chuhai ALL$3.00  (11am – 6pm)

Izakaya Kai▷One drink order, you will get 1 FREE Kobachi: Onion Salad, Edamame, Garlic Edamame, Crab Salad, Tekiyaki Beef, Takowasa, Kimchi, Chilled Tofu (9pm – 11pm)

Nomu▷Happy Hour: 12:00 Noon – 3:00 PM, After 3:00PM Show us your HI ID!

Sizzle▷Pupu Trio Set:Drink: Choose ONE from Beer, Chuhai, Highboll   Pupu: Choose 3 dishes from 2 Namuru, Gyusuji, Edamame, Salted Cabbage $9.95 (11am – 5pm)

Kaneko Hannosuke▷Follow our instagram “@hannnosuke_hawaii” to get 1 FREE Squid. (3pm – 5pm)

Baikohken▷Follow our instagram / Facebook to gete 1 FREE TOPPING. (Weekday 4pm – 6pm) *Valid for Ramen order only

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