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August 22, 2018

tokyo yokocho

From the producers of the Emmy Award Winning Ramen Yokocho… We are proud to present the upcoming Tokyo Yokocho!  Featuring Lanai and his friends venturing around Tokyo and showing a number of fun and exciting eateries.  Tune in on September 3 to enjoy what the Yokocho experience is all about!
Monday, 9/3 at 8:00pm
Tuesday, 9/4 at 10:00am
Wednesday, 9/5 at 10:00pm
Thursday, 9/6 at 2:00pm
Sunday, 9/9 at 8:00am
Monday, 9/10 at 8:00pm
Wednesday, 9/12 at 4:00pm
Thursday, 9/13 at 5:00pm
Friday, 9/14 at 3:00pm & 2:30am
Tuesday, 9/18 at 3:00pm
Wednesday, 9/19 at 8:30pm
Thursday, 9/20 at 2:00pm
Saturday, 9/22 at 10:00am
Sunday, 9/23 at 10:00pm
Don’t forget our RAMEN YOKOCHO airs again on 8/27 at 8:00pm with Spectrum television!!!!

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