YAMAGATA Fair in Waikiki Yokocho 11/16 (Sat) & 11/17 (Sun)

November 9, 2019

Special Booth for selling Yamagata Products! ・Yamagata TSUYAHIME Rice   <Special Price!!> ・FRUITS JUICE from Yamagata ・FRUITS JELLY from Yamagata ・PASTA  from Yamagata ・Pickled Vegitable from Yamagata ・YAMAGATA SOBA SPECIAL EVENT !!  9/17 Sun  11:30 〜 Door Prize !  Free Yamagata TSUYAHIME Rice 5 kg ! You can get Raffle Tickets on...

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The newest YOKOCHO series “HAWAII YOKOCHO” will be on air!!!

August 20, 2019

The award-winning Emmy producers of Ramen Yokocho, Tokyo Yokocho, and Osaka Yokocho are back with their newest edition to the series, Hawaii Yokocho. Take a look into the first Yokocho built outside of Japan and learn about Japans rich food culture through some of their best restaurants in Hawaii’s...

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Summer limited menu from 7/13 to 9/15!!!!

July 19, 2019

Come and beat the heat at the Waikiki Yokocho’s Summer limited menu! NOMU Yakitori and Beer Set Chicken Skewers (Thigh) 2P and Beer (Kirin Ichiban) $5.00 >> about restaurant Izakaya Kai Unagi Bowl (Unagi, Egg, Rice) Seared Tenderloin with Daikon Ponzu Sauce $34.95 >> about restaurant RAMEN ONO-YA Cold...

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Due to COVID-19 and our concerns about the health/safety of our guests as well as our employees,

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We thank you for your continued support and look forward to having you dine with us again.